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    Welcome to the portfolio website of sound designer David Burnett.

    I am a sound designer / sound editor working out of Vancouver, BC and a graduate of Vancouver Film School’s Sound Design for Visual Media program [2008-2009]. I have worked on a number of games, films and animations as both sound designer and mixer, I’ve done band recording / mixing and I have over 250 hours of on-set experience as a location mixer / boom operator.

    I am most interested in game audio, having most recently worked on Little Big Planet Karting (United Front Games, 2012).

    I edit dialog, foley, SFX, and music, and I have mixed films and animation in Dolby 5.1 surround and stereo. I also run and record ADR and foley sessions, and perform as a foley artist. Finally, I am a multi-instrumentalist musician and I do songwriting and composition.

    Above is my current demo reel (2013).

Freelance sound designer

Available for sound editing and sound design for film, television, animation, and video games

Skills with:
  • Pro Tools 8 / 9, Fmod, Max/MSP, Audiomulch, Unity, Final Cut, DVD Studio Pro
  • Sound editing dialog, foley, BGs, SFX/SPFX, music
  • Mixing in Dolby 5.1 surround and stereo/LtRt
  • Field recording and on-set location sound mixing / booming
  • ADR and foley recording
  • Music production and composition
  • Synthesis, both analog and digital


    Email: DavidBurnett.dB@gmail.com
    My LinkedIn Profile